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About Oxigym

Our branches

Oxigym Fitness Club Group currently consists of 4 branches in Oudtshoorn, Mosselbay, Langebaan and Vredenburg. Oxigym also has its own Cathsseta and Repssa registered Fitness Academy to ensure that our customers get the best and most professional help to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Oxigym Langebaan & Vredenburg

In the west coast is almost 2000m2 of gym equipment and is split in 2 branches, because of the unique demographic of the West coast. Oxigym Langebaan is on the majestic Langebaan Country Estate and is 890m2 it opened in 2009 and Oxigym Vredenburg is at Cubenco Business park its a 1000m2 and opened its doors in 2008.

What we Provide

Oxigym provides our clients the opportunity to gym at either branch for their convenience and helps make fitness and healthy lifestyle accessible to all age groups in the beautiful West Coast.









Got rid of my hypertension and insulin resistance, oxigym has really made me change my life style and steered me in the right direction. Always a welcoming vibe when I arrive and always helpful with any questions, for a life altering workout contact Mike at Oxigym Vredenburg.

Great atmosphere, solid gains.


Tinus Steenkamp

Oxigym Vredenburg

To whom it may concerns:

I started my gym life at Oxigym Vredenburg quite a few years back and did only classes provide in the evenings.  I can now say with the outmost truth that the past year I’ve learned what the real meaning it is to be part of Oxigym Vredenburg, as I am now a full gym fanatic.  Whatever you choose to call it, the gym is a sacred place.

The past year I had to overcome several big traumas in my personal life for example robbing at gunpoint and going through big emotional stress.

The Greeks understood that the mind and body are not separate entities, but that they are fundamentally and intimately linked. They regarded physical conditioning with the same importance as they did the pursuit of knowledge and medicine.

The self-controldiscipline, and work ethic I have cultivated within its walls has carried over to every other aspect of my life and has, without a doubt, led me to become a more confident, self-assured, and more complete individual.

love the gym, and consider the choice to make it a habitual part of my life to be one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made.  You should take your physical health seriously. Exercise has been shown time and time again to drastically reduce the odds of contracting a multitude of health conditions and diseases, improve your mental health, and increase the overall quality and longevity of your life.

Mike and his team are very helpful whenever I need some advice and the people working out there… we all have become like a family!



Dear Oxigym

With this testimonial, I would like to show my appreciation to Oxigym. Not just to Oxigym but to every one of the personnel which makes the gym a place where I always feel welcome. I Would like to say thank you for all the professional assistance and helpfulness when in need and motivation for all the early morning workouts. Thank you for the clean environment and equipment, I would recommend Oxigym anytime to achieve your goals or to feed your passion for fitness. Keep up the good work.


Drikus Swanepoel

My journey with Oxigym started back in the winter of 2015.

I was overweight, borderline diabetic. I couldn’t go up a flight of stairs without almost blacking out or trying to catch my breath. My job was also on the line with regards to my

bi-annual medical checks that resulted in me getting a Fit to Work pass. Something had to be done and urgently.

I went to Oxigym and was met by Mike who showed me around and discussed prices and plan options at the gym. We decided that I will start on an exercise program with him asap. Since the start in June 2015 until December 2015 I lost a considerable amount of weight and gained a lot of confidence. 

The program was easy to follow, clearly set out and Oxigym was always only a call away. The latter proved to be of great significance to me as I did not work in South Africa, but Namibia. Due to the rapport that we built up as a team this was not hard for me to do. I stuck to the program and that was purely down to the fact that Oxigym believed in me and motivated a lot.

Oxigym and Mike gave me the confidence to work on my body, my self-confidence, esteem and endurance. Even now that I reside in Australia, I am using the skills and techniques Oxigym taught me in order not to injure myself while training and also to take a normal exercise and maximise the effect by simple manoeuvres.

I recommend Oxigym for anyone that is serious about getting the most out of life.

Kind regards

Leticia Williams